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My Favourite Books I've Read So Far...

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well! I wanted to include my favourite books I have read/reading as of now. Interestingly, I was never a big reader and and actually did not like reading - it seemed so boring and stagnant to me. Being quite a visual person I liked to see content or have conversation and I never thought books could give me that same feeling. However I have grown to learn that finding the right books for you is key and changes the game! Once I started reading books around topics that interested me I fell in love reading and love that individual, reflective, inspiring time. I have done some book reviews which can be seen @thoughtsbyaaron at Instagram under the highlight titled 'Books'. If there is any you would like more information or insight about shoot me a message. Hope you enjoy my recommendations (affiliate links used) and be sure to let me know any you may have :)

Claim Your Power

Zayn Biography

Masks of Masculinity

The Path Made Clear

The Magic

The Alchemist

Good Vibes Good Life

kikki.k Books

How to Be a Bawse

Daily Inspiration from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

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