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Third look is up! I feel like this is simple and subtly stylish. It took me a really long time to find a brown shearling jacket (ASOS) like this with cream fur but there do seem to be a lot more out there. I paired it with simple black t-shirt (H&M), blue jeans (Zara) and black boots (North Face). These jeans are one of my favourites, it;s hard to find a good fitting pair of blue skinny jeans with no rips but these are really good! From what I remember they are the super stretchy skinny jeans, I have them in this shade and a dark shade blue. From experience, I would say buy jeans in store rather than online as you can see the fit better and get more choice. Fun fact, these are boots that I bought for the Duke of Edinburgh award where I trekked in the wild and camping but I feel like these kind of chunky, military boots are super in and I'm here for it. Plus I can make good use of the purchase. What do you guys think of the look?


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