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BE BOLD - Look 2

Second look the series! I love denim, you can dress it up or down but it just looks cool and classic. I usually go for skinny jeans so this fit jeans was something different for me but I dig them and they are super comfortable. It's good to change up fits sometimes. I paired it with a simple navy shirt but let down a couple of bottoms so I could layer chains. Layering chains like this is something I have been experimenting with recently, also different for me but I feel like if done right it can look good. I do this it is important to find balance and for me it does depend on the outfit and how I layer them. I paired with these beige Nike Air Force 1 trainers to give a pop of colour but still subtle. I would love to know what you think.

SHIRT (similar)




AIR FORCE 1 ULTRAFORCE - Trainers - medium olive/legion green-sail

Article number: NI112B0E5-N11

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