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“Your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else. When you tell your story, you free yourself and give other people permission to acknowledge their own story”. – Iyanla Vanzant

The different workshops I offer are listed below. If you are interested in me running workshops at your school, university or organisation please get in touch. I also do run these workshops monthly myself; both online and in person. Please contact for more information.


I have trained as a professional dancer for over 10 years and trained in many different styles including Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Afro. I am really interested in expanding my services to create workshops around mental health, well-being and mindfulness combined with fusion dance. From recently conducting workshops at a local university, working with professional dance teams performing all over the UK and teaching dance to clients 1-1, I’ve seen a real demand for innovative, unique and engaging workshops which also provide meaningful value. Also, dance is a great medium to channel that! 


In terms of my healing journey, I have engaged with coaching since I was 18. I have been involved in coaching programs which went deep into visualisations, shadow work and deep introspection. I have channelled my love for deep thinking and sharing a raw perspective on learning on my blog @thoughtsbyaaron for years. I recently had the opportunity to be part of a conference talking to parents, teachers and schools about overcoming toxic masculinity in schools. I also will be running a workshop at a Boy’s Sixth Form about positive masculinity. I have recorded three podcasts at Klarity by K, talking about unmasking toxic masculinity, weighing in on friendships and my healing journey. Also, recorded podcasts about well-being and education with School Should Be and again reflecting on my journey with the podcast Through My Brown Eyes. I am really interested in expanding my services to create workshops around well-being, mindfulness and deep reflection  with my unique approach. From recently conducting workshops at a local university, online conferences and running my own monthly workshops I’ve seen a real demand for innovative, unique and engaging workshops which also provide meaningful value and deep connection.

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SCHOOL, UNIVERSITY, WORKPLACE (on specific topic) workshops 

I run a blog @thoughtsbyaaron sharing my thoughts and perspective on life, creativity, mental health and mindset, the power of vulnerability and raw storytelling, unmasking masculinity, pressing issues such as toxic masculinity, issues in South Asian culture, impact of the pandemic on students and the unseen perspectives of education. From my own research and reflection, my university dissertation and work as well as multiple podcasts and other project collaborations combined with my unique approach of authenticity and vulnerability, I am able to connect with others deeply and deliver impactful workshops. My experience includes being a panel guest at a conference looking at overcoming toxic masculinity to advocate gender equality at schools as well as running a workshop about unmasking masculinity and positive masculinity at an all boys Sixth Form. 


I am excited to offer choreography services for your next wedding performance, first dance or any special event. I have trained as a professional dancer for over 10 years and trained in many different styles including Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Afro. I have performed all over the UK and abroad for weddings, parties and corporate events. I have choreographed group wedding performances and a first dance performance online to a client in Canada, I love being able to infuse my creativity and help give confidence to others while dancing to your favourite songs. If you’re interested, do get in touch via email.


"I was first introduced to Aaron at a conference about toxic masculinity and what an introduction it was. Having involved myself within this realm for some years now, it’s not often I come across humans who share Aaron’s level of empathy of deep-thinking. Aaron has an exceptional ability to verbalise his feelings in a such a powerful manner, whilst never neglecting to open his heart and ears to those who need to feel heard. Despite Aaron’s young age, he possesses wisdom that many will never experience and working alongside him has been nothing short of privilege. I’m looking forward to our next mutual venture!"

- Harry, @harry_tfnl

"You might be wondering what made me choose him? To be quite frank, I have never met a soul like him. He is hardworking, conscientious and so incredibly passionate about what his heart connects with. When he first reached out to me to be a guest on the podcast, I was blown away with his dedication to the topic and his intellect in carefully considering all the nuances within the culture. As someone who is juggling motherhood and my own coaching business plus everything in between, I needed someone I could trust in bringing Klarity to the audience who deserves to be mirrored the same authenticity that I brought each episode…I know he brings this too. He is raw and real … something we don’t get often in today’s day and age."

- Kimi, @klaritybyk

"Aaron’s knowledge and approach to authentic conversations, healthy relationships and self care are very refreshing and necessary for personal and professional wellbeing. His advice and guidance at the conference on overcoming toxic masculinity for young people was invaluable. Aaron provided a nuanced perspective on how young people can stay positive and well at school and beyond - a discussion much appreciated by students and teachers alike. I highly recommend Aaron’s engaging and thoughtful approach to mastering your well-being!"

- Zahara, @schoolshouldbe

"I would like to add my thanks to you for yesterday’s session – you presented and spoke to our students in a wholly different way and both they (and we) appreciated it hugely. The sessions were meaningful and I think many students will be starting to think about what they want from their lives in a new way... Aaron, that is fantastic.  Feedback like that is helpful for us all – to us  to reinforce the importance of enabling students to continue on this journey towards understanding, and to you to give you the conviction that your work is especially powerful."

Deputy Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form at Aylesbury Grammar School

"We could not recommend this workshop more highly - a perfect mix of fun, mindfulness, energy, and relaxation. Aaron's 'Mindful with Movement' was one of our events for 'Wobble Week' - a week devoted to support events for students at University who may be experiencing a bit of a 'wobble', big or small. Students loved the session and commented on how it both allowed them a safe space to share issues they were going through and yet also a little haven of escape as they broke out of their regular routines and did something new. It was incredible what Aaron managed to teach them in an hour and they all came out beaming! We'll definitely be inviting Aaron back next year."

- Elizabeth, Student Engagement Manager in Widening Participation at St Mary's University

"I am really pleased to welcome Aaron to our team of dynamic teachers at DNC. Not only is he an excellent dancer but he is a compassionate person, with a lot of passion for what he does. I have observed him working with young people and appreciate the mindfulness he brings to the sessions. I can see kids & teenagers flourishing with him, in both dance and confidence."

- Nikita, DNC Studio

“Really appreciate Aaron for spending some of his precious time on teaching us this wonderful dance and well-being lessons. Had one of the best experiences of my life during that session to be honest. Thank you so much!


To be honest I needed that to refresh my mind but I didn’t know the place I went to just to have fun would actually give me much more energy and hope. Thanks to you now I feel like I’ve got this and I know I’ve got someone I can share what I am feeling with. You never know I may be messaging out of nowhere just to talk and get some advice from you. I really appreciate the way you’re helping and inspiring everyone.

- Sanjida


"Hi Aaron, I thanked you at the end of the workshop which you did for our school, I wanted to extend my thanks and elaborate on how what you said really resonated with me; I related to a lot of what you said, how you felt that you wanted a deeper connection and to be able to talk to those around you but they weren’t open to it and I really felt that a lot. I related to that, and I think it’s important that open conversations and spaces can be made to allow more people to open up to their friends and creating that system of support. I really appreciate you coming in to talk about this topic and it made me realise a lot of interesting and important things, it was a fantastic workshop, thank you so much, it was brilliant"

- Student

“Aaron is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about improving people’s mindset/well-being, which allowed me to completely trust him when he hosted guided meditations, dance and visualisation sessions. He takes a creative approach when getting you to explore your inner world, and this is what I enjoyed most about his workshops. I wanted to improve my freestyle and storytelling, and by doing his unique exercise while eyes are closed exploring different music, I was able to trust my body and let go of any self doubt! Truly incredible!”

- Navneet

“Aaron thank you for inviting me to your workshop and allowing me to be a part of this experience and journey. I’m so excited to attend the future workshops, and learn and grow! I wrote a whole 2/3 pages in my personal diary in this workshop and my reflections because I had learnt sooo much!!

- Bishalee

"Had the best time not only with the dance (which turned out amazing!!) but also the mindful session and reflections before and after!! Fantastic session!! Thank you @thoughtsbyaaron 👏👏🤩🤩"

- Courtney

"Aaron, thank you so much!!! This was such a sweet message, it genuinely made my day. I absolutely loved your workshop, and enjoyed learning some new moves, I really had lots of fun!! I look forward to seeing what you do next"

- Tatum

"Aaron is amazing as a choreographer and dancer teacher. He has supported my fiancé and I with preparing for our wedding dance. He’s kept it a secret as no one knows. He has an understanding nature which is brilliant for us as we are stressed to get it right. Highly recommend him, his classes are infectious and a great energy with the others."

- Kiron

“Aaron worked with me to choreograph a dance for my friends for my wedding. My friends had little to no experience in dancing and were initially very nervous when I asked them to perform a rehearsed dance. Hiring Aaron eased their nerves straight away.

From the outset Aaron was patient, sensitive and innovative.

He went above and beyond in a number of ways, including:
- Taking the time out to schedule a many in person rehearsals
- Creating the full soundtrack which involved a mash-up of a number of songs
- Videoing each rehearsal and providing feedback to each dancer

Aaron has a natural gift of being able to play to each persons strengths and his creativity and passion is a pleasure to be around. He had great sensitivity with the dancers and truly created a safe space. He came well prepared and had a clear vision of what he wanted. The corrections and constructive feedback was direct and clear.

The dancers clearly loved working with him and the final dance performance blew my breath away! It was high energy, accomplished, fascinating and engaging and everyone at the wedding was impressed.

Aaron’s work was of immense value to my husband and I, a generous gift and a great pleasure to experience. I am glad to have had the chance to share this important time in my life with him. I would without a doubt recommend hiring Aaron as your choreographer. Thank you so much, Aaron!”

- Pawan, Wedding Performance Dance Choreography Client

"Can confirm everything! First performance for me (didn’t even know I could dance!!) and having you choreograph it and teach us made both the rehearsals and the performance a very fun and enjoyable experience!! Most patient and encouraging teacher everrrr "

- Neetu, Wedding Performance Dance Choreography Client

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