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I think that the idea of masks is very toxic image which society has led people to believe is needed to conform and be accepted. There are specific masks which men have to deal, others which women have to face, some human level and others based on the individual. Just take a second to think how many masks one is probably wearing. I have recently been reading the incredible book ‘The Masks of Masculinity’ by Lewis Howes where he deconstructs the masks men feel are forced to wear and how to relieve themselves to life a more fulfilling life. It was so interesting to see how many different components men as well as others are forced to hide or put a facade on to get by. We have to ask ourselves is this healthy and who are we actually do this for, the approval of random people in this overruling community we call society. Try to identify the masks you have been wearing, work to remove them and help others so we see everyone in their greatest form; their authentic self.

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