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Spoilt | Privileged - spot the difference?

Sorry it has been such a while, school, exams and applications have all been pretty hectic.

I have always been told or made to think that I am ‘spoilt’, leading me to really question myself. I have been blessed with a lot in my life and am extremely fortunate to have such things and opportunities so open and accessible to me. However, I am also so grateful for everything I acquire and appreciate each thing as a blessing. I think that is essentially what sets the two words apart. Simply because I obtain more then someone else does not mean I value it any less. I strive to use what I have available to push me even further and make a real difference not only in other’s lives however also my own. We all take things for granted whether it be the love of friends and family, the ability to connect anywhere around the world in the click of your fingers or simply having access to a good education. Only when it is taken away from us or is absent do we really understand the worth it holds. I learnt to let people label or think of me however they want, as long as I stay grateful, humble [cue Kendrick] and try not to take things for granted; I’ll be good. So that’s the secret. Damn I think spoilt you with that one.

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