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ignore people who think they know more about you than do #solongfools

Not to be too harsh or abrupt however stop being brainwashed by other people’s perceptions of you, believe in yourself and do you. Being constantly surrounded by people’s opinions, judgements and perspectives can be overwhelming however remember that you have the control to choose what to ignore. It can be difficult because it continuously may circle around in your head however when you give it power or start believing in it then STOP, there’s a problem!

I remember coming to a moment in my life where I was flooded with other people’s judgements of me and lost sight of who I was, how I identified myself and whether my actions/behaviour were right. However looking back, the biggest thing I realise is that now having developed more self-confidence and assurance in myself, I can successfully listen to other people’s views of me yet not let it affect mine. Only you know who you really are therefore instead of listening to other’s ignorance, keep building and growing into the best version of yourself you want to become.

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