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everyone needs to paint once in a while

One of the biggest struggles I have found in life is finding the line between caring for others and myself. In the past, I have shown more love and care for those I valued close to me than perhaps they valued me. However just recently when given the advice to ‘love myself’ I was taken back. I have seen the phrase in many quotes and song lyrics but I just read or sang along without giving it a thought. But wait, what does it actually mean?

I never thought that one should really consider themselves a priority, sounds quite self conceited. However why does it have to be. I mean it is your life, if we do not give ourselves the time then how do we expect to grow, prosper and evolve. So this is what I am learning; understanding myself on a deeper level and how to appreciate me. I’m at a point in my life where I really want to make a change and do something which not only tailors to my interests and what I want to do in life however most importantly waking up every day knowing I am motivating and inspiring just that one person and making a positive impact. That is what means the most. However, before I even think of achieving all that I want in life, I have to learn to show myself some self love. Appreciating yourself is an art and I’ve just found the paintbrush. Time to get painting.

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