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one’s sphere of influence is the most powerful, choose wisely

I think one of the easiest things to do is to be drawn into the ideal of having loads of friends to hang out with and a large social circle. Do not get me wrong, socialising is a great tool, meeting new people really does give you a fresh perspective on life however do not simply have people in your life for the sake of being there. I am not perfect, I have been drawn into the glory that surrounds popularity and how alluring a concept it is however that is until I realised what it is like to have a relationship with a certain people on a much deeper level.

I have and still do have bad relationship anxiety and constantly subdued with the fear of losing those who mean so much to me. Till I came to the realisation of what the difference is between a relationship that is real and fickle. I think what I love most about the people around me is that I am constantly learning new things from them and they never fail to make me feel so happy, stimulated and empowered.

However it is also important to consider that people who are in your life at one point may not always have the same encouraging influence on you. Life is constantly evolving and people who you thought would always be there and share the same love and respect for you, may not. If at any point in a relationship your happiness, value or respect is compromised, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate that relationship. I am aware of the fact the relationships require hard work and commitment however sometimes the best solution is to just leave. Now and then you grow past certain people and you change to get more out of life – stop feeling guilty about it. As difficult as it may be, it is imperative for you to grow and evolve as person as well as to be in a good place/state of mind. As much as we are individuals, those we surround ourselves with do have a surprising amount of power is shaping you into the person you are. So if you take a step back now and look at those around you, have you made a wise decision?

So all in all what I’m trying to get at, be social and do communicate with as many as people as you can however what I appreciate the most is the real people in my life. Finding those kinds of people is not an everyday occurrence however when you do; life is so much better.

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